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Beware the Gurus

Pardon the snark, but beware the gurus. If someone claims to know everything about every facet of marketing, they’re probably just leveraging their copywriting talent to favor their bottom lines.

At Mpowered, we don’t claim expertise in every domain of marketing. But we know true thought leaders in virtually every facet of marketing. We’ll enlist the brains of same as warranted by your goals.

We have partnerships with award-winning designers, photographers with a keen eye for the strategic vision, data-heads, SEO virtuosos, CRM connoisseurs, email mavens, digital divas, promotional peeps, and website wizards. In short, if the scope of your project exceeds our expertise, we know who to bring aboard the team to ensure your goals are met — on time and on budget.

Mpassioned & Mpowered

Our Causes

Maggie comes by her passion for volunteerism and philanthropy quite naturally, thanks to her parents, who mentor by example with their own generosity and service. As well, although her career path took a detour, she is still intent on saving the world. Make it Matter has long been her mantra.

Organizations we support include those that provide direct service to youth and families facing hardship. But it’s not about providing a handout — it’s about providing a hand up. Through education, empowerment and mentoring, Mpowered Marketing seeks to help break the cycles of poverty, abuse and mental illness that plague too many of our families.

What matters to you and your company? Yell it to the world! #makeitmatter