Who We Mpower


You need a team who understands the engineering world as well as you do. Engineers and their clients are exact, precise, methodical and thoughtful about everything they do. Their world is driven by the almighty Scope-Schedule-Budget-Client Satisfaction framework. It’s no coincidence that this is the very framework that drives Mpowered. The Mpowered team, which boasts more than a dozen years in professional services marketing, is ready and eager to help your firm create demand, position your brand, generate leads and cultivate relationships with both current and prospective clients.


Manufacturers face fierce competition in the global Me-Too-Cheaper marketplace. Marketing budgets seem to decline as quickly as the drive for profits accelerates. The Mpowered team has worked miracles with minuscule budgets. Whether you’re revamping existing product lines, launching into entirely new categories, or seeking to develop new channels, our team is ready to help drive return on your marketing investments so you can drive profits.


Developing, researching, creating, networking, funding, licensing, trademarking, marketing. Oh, and laundry and lunch, too. So. Many. Moving. Pieces! It’s a bit like drinking from a fire hose. Mpowered has been there. Let us take marketing off your never-ending to-do list and ensure your baby is positioned to grow old profitably.


In the technology world, it’s about speed. Innovate. Ideate. Invent. Develop. Test. Deploy. And do it yesterday! (Just like in the marketing world, but with even greater intensity.) Mpowered harnesses the latest marketing technology and strategy to ensure your app or solution jumps to the top of the list and the top of mind.