Meet Maggie

Meet Maggie, our founder and visionary.
And corporate refugee. After nearly two decades, Maggie vacated the confines of corporate marketing to share her passion for strategic marketing, branding and communications with clients in the engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors.

Some would say she’s a perfectionist. Some would say she’s a pain. (She’s both, by the way.) But nearly everyone agrees: she is passionate!

Intent on saving the world, she began her career in mental health, helping teens find their way to a happier life. It was during this tenure in case management that she honed her skills in project management, communications and strategy. As often happens in life, a fork in the road emerged, enabling her to combine her long-lived passion for historic architecture with her writing talent and project management prowess in an engineering firm. It was the proverbial tipping point that ignited her strategic marketing brain.

During her tenure in corporate marketing, she built a reputation as a turn-around gal, building and reengineering marketing departments to strategically align with the corporate vision. She’s also keen on ROI. She’s no hater, but She. Hates. Waste. Thanks to all those years in nonprofit, efficient use of resources is among her hallmarks. (CFOs quite like her.) If you can’t defend your spend, prepare for battle.

When she’s not plotting and scheming for a client, she’s likely hanging out with her beloved rescue dogs, restoring her old house, doing volunteer work for a variety of kid and STEM-related organizations, or digging in both earthly and digital dirt.


Mpowered Marketing was launched to help you propel your business to the next level, wherever that may be. Whether in start-up mode or looking for a new perspective for an established enterprise, Mpowered Marketing brings real-world experience, technical expertise and passion to your plans, projects and programs.

Been there. Done that.

We understand the pressure you’re under. We understand that despite our best intentions, sometimes the Marketing Department, if one exists at all, actually functions more like a hospital emergency room. Sometimes you lack the time or talent or staff or stuff to deliver a critical project. That appeared out of thin air. Without warning. During busy season. When you’re short-staffed. You desperately want to be responsive to such requests, but you’d also like to sleep again someday. Because we’ve spent 20+ years walking in your shoes, we don’t require ramp-up time. On day one, your Mpowered team is ready to go.

A little less talk. A little more action.

While many consultants are busy creating the perception they’re adding value, we’re actually on the ground, in the trenches, getting real work done. With strategy, speed, transparency and accountability. Consider us your newest member of your team. An eager advocate who’s as invested in your success as you are. Someone who can step in at a moment’s notice and provide an outsider’s perspective, and then take decisive action as an insider. Whatever your goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them.